Welcome to Under The Rockies, a music focused website based in Calgary, Canada. Under The Rockies was founded in 2014, and ever since then, we've been giving fans the best and most relevant coverage possible of all their favourite bands and artists. 

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Josh Platt is a musician, photographer, writer and avid record collector. His passion for music began when he was nine years old. He picked up a guitar around then and never looked back.

Mary McComish received her print journalism diploma from Lethbridge (yes, where Marilyn Manson was punched in the face) College and, since then, has freelanced as both a journalist and a graphic designer.


Want to contribute to Under The Rockies? Email josh@undertherockies.com with your resume and previous writing samples and we'll see what we can do!



Want to contribute to Under The Rockies? Email josh@undertherockies.com with your resume and previous writing samples and we'll see what we can do!

Calgary Punk Shows works alongside many venues and booking agents to promote local talent, as well as touring Canadian artists in the punk rock genre. They heavily utilize social media outlets to boost exposure for several new acts, announcing tour dates, local show, times and major events that involve our city. They also book local shows themselves that include hard working Canadian acts. They have had the opportunity to speak with international touring musicians and featured these interviews through their podcast. With their podcast, they also blast overseas punk bands not readily heard here. Calgary Punk Shows’ goal is to build the punk rock scene in Calgary and get people out to shows.

Jayme Cabrera Lopez is a french Canadian New Media graduate from the University of Lethbridge. He has a passion for music, photography and graphic design as well as a never ending love for poutine.

You can go to Jayme Javier Photography to check out more of his work. (Photo by Michael Scott Vincent)

Jay Caption is a freelance writer and blogger based out of Calgary. In some form or another, he has been involved in the local music scene since his teens. He has had the privilege of sitting down with touring artists and musicians, interviewing and researching for topics written for his blog.

Having sat in with the likes of Gerry Hannah [The Subhumans] Theo Goutzinakis [Gob] and Darius Koski [Swingin' Utters], to name a few, Jay is no stranger to celebrity in the music industry and is never afraid to tackle an interview. His work has been featured by Melanie Kaye PR Publicity and Promotion as well as Little Monkey Press.

Gabriel Dufour has been involved with music for the majority of his life. Playing multiple instruments since he was five and growing up listening to an album collection spanning over 2,000 records has shaped him into a music lover of all genres, with a particular soft spot for blues and classic rock. In his spare time, he enjoys exploring the abundance of opportunities that Calgary and the rockies have to offer, such as skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking and festivals for both music and film.


Aya Nakamoto is a passionate music fan who's love for music has shaped her personally, as well as helped shape her career path. Aya currently attends Chico State University where she is working towards her bachelor's degree in Music Industry.