Albums of 2014: Mary McComish

Photo: Joshua Platt

Photo: Joshua Platt

This week we’re posting the duo behind Under The Rockies’ (Joshua Platt and Mary McComish) favourite five albums of 2014. Yesterday we posted Joshua's, today we have Mary McComish’s.

Here at Under The Rockies, Mary McComish is the journalist behind the interviews and she’s the writer for most of the posts on the site (she might even be writing this one). These are her top five albums of 2014.

PVRIS - White Noise
Every year there’s always one band that comes out of nowhere and proceeds to blow me away. This year it’s PVRIS. I’d heard the odd song before their debut album, White Noise, dropped, I even got to see them live, opening for Mayday Parade. It wasn’t until I got to hear White Noise in full that I really got hooked. Right now, I listen to this album in full at least once a new and my mind continues to be blown each listen.
Track to note: “Holy”, “My House”

Bleachers - Strange Desire
When fun. guitarist, Jack Antonoff, announced Bleachers, I was a little worried. I love fun. and I was just scared I was going to hate Bleachers… Thankfully, that wasn’t the case. As soon as the first single, “I Wanna Get Better”, was released, I was hooked. Strange Desire is so amazing, I love this album from front to back. I love the Yoko Ono collab. I seriously can’t wait to see what else Antonoff has up his sleeve.
Tracks to note: “Rollercoaster”, “Wake Me”

Lights - Little Machines
I’ve loved Lights since I first saw the video for “Drive My Soul” on MTV. I’ve seen her live five times, own countless merch and the highlight of my 2014 was interviewing her for Under The Rockies. She continues to pump out flawless albums and mature with each one. Lights will forever be one of my favourite musicians.
Tracks to note: “Up We Go”, “Don’t Go Home Without Me”

Against Me! - Transgender Dysphoria Blues
While I’d obviously heard of Against Me!, I never really got into them until after Laura Jane Grace had openly come out as transgender. I’m absolutely in love with Transgender Dysphoria Blues and it’s definitely the punk album I needed to hear in 2014. My biggest regret of 2014 is not seeing them live at their sold out show because I procrastinated on buying tickets. I can’t wait to see what this band will do next (hopefully come back to Calgary).
Tracks to note: “Transgender Dysphoria Blues”, “Two Coffins”

Ed Sheeran - X
Obviously I fell in love with Ed Sheeran’s amazing voice when I first heard his debut album, +. I was anxiously waiting for a follow-up and in 2014 we got X. This album was one of the best pop albums of 2014. The first single, “SING” was literally the only thing that got me through my final college assignment – I just couldn’t write to anything else. So thanks, Ed, this is why you made my list.
Tracks to note: “SING”, “Photograph”

Most anticipated for 2015: Fall Out Boy, Ray Toro, No Devotion (!!!), fun., Against Me!, New Politics, Twenty One Pilots