Calgary Punk Shows

Wow! Made it to a column for an online magazine, I must be doing something right.

I thought, for the first article, I'd let you know who I am and why I’m writing a punk rock column. I'm Joel, I run Calgary Punk Shows. I have been in the scene since the early ‘90s, so I've seen what the Calgary scene is capable of and where it is at today. I think the scene, as far as talent is concerned, is absolutely amazing! Calgary is not lacking in the talent department. However, the draw of a crowd is where we struggle. It seems, these days, no matter what bands are put together, it's hard to bring the crowd.

That's where Calgary Punk Shows comes in. We try to push the promotion even further so more people are aware of the shows going on in Calgary and give the city a gentle and polite kick in the ass to get them out to the amazing shows happening around town. Hopefully it’s a good crowd for the awesome talent, locally, and awesome punk bands touring through our great city.

This column will include the happenings in the scene and an awesome local band of the month to check out and get out to see.

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Calgary Punk Shows' Band of the Month: The Foul English

The Foul English. Photo: Jay Caption

The Foul English. Photo: Jay Caption

The Foul English take the cake this month. 1977? 1984? 1993?, who gives a damn, it's 2015! They love punk rock music, and that's what they play. Fast, aggressive, but fun. They're old dudes and they write about their adventures in the past and their lives now. Some stories are only half remembered, and some have grown more bombastic with time. The Foul English are four dads who play the classic style of punk rock they grew up with. Their brand of "dadcore" is a mix of 1970s English punk and 1980s hardcore. Go dadcore! The Foul English have been relentlessly hitting show after show, and July is the month for them.

July 10 - Inglewood Night Market
July 11 - Palomino for the Rock and Roll Rodeo
July 18 - Catalyst Events Kick Off Party - big party, beer, BBQ and Skateboards at a secret location

And then these dudes hit BC:
July 23 - Kelowna w/ Irradiation
July 24 - Victoria w/ Vicious Cycles, The Mants and Line Traps
July 25 - Vancouver w/ DSP, The Cap Guns and Kaiju Bombers

If you haven't checked out The Foul English, you have plenty of chances to catch them this month and you won't be disappointed.