Calgary Punk Shows: All ages shows in Calgary?

Well let’s face it, this was coming! The all-ages scene in Calgary is probably the worst I've seen. At this point, there are three options for underage kids and underage bands in Calgary. Tubby Dog, which is a very hard venue to get in on and I understand why, with all the high demand. The National Music Centre, which shows are very few and far between. Or these kids book their own shows at a community centre. Not good enough! We need an easy access place where kids can get booked easily and where kids can go see a show without question. The New Black Centre For Music & Art was an exception and was perfect for that. However, I understand that having an all-ages venue is almost certain death financially (alcohol sales are zero), so all you’re relying on is the door money, which doesn't always pay well. Our all-ages scene is crap and we have to build it from the ground up again. So, I propose this idea.

My idea! An opinion on how we should start an awesome all-ages scene is to have venues open their doors earlier and get an all-ages licence which, from my research, is not a lot of money. Throw an all-ages show and an +18 show. Two shows in one night: all-ages then the +18. People will be happy and the all-ages scene will be thriving and we can build both together. It doesn't have to be all the time, let's say, once a month, a venue takes a turn. So a venue would have to worry about throwing an all-ages show twice a year? This is a call to Nite Owl, Dickens, Broken City, The Palomino, The Ship & Anchor, The Distortion and anywhere else, to try a new idea and try to start up our all-ages scene again.

That's all we can ask for and this is a call to all underage bands or underage people who want to see live music, bug the piss out of all our local venues, it's not fair that you have to wait until you're 18 years of age to see and put on live music.

I remember growing up in the late ‘90s, early 2000s and all-ages shows were everywhere. The Multicultural Centre, The Auxiliary, The Carpenters Union Hall, to name a few, all opened their doors. We have ignored this long enough, Calgary. We can't let this rest on the shoulders of a hot dog restaurant, as awesome as it is.

We need to take action and I hope this makes it to every venue in Calgary so they get the point that they need to step it up because they’re dropping the ball.

Rip it up, Calgary!

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