Calgary Punk Shows: Calgary Doesn't Dance

Of the 20 to 25 shows I've been to in these last few months, I haven't seen one "mosh pit" and that may have to do with most of these shows being local and the lack of turnout they get. But isn't that more of a reason to do it?

I have played in different local bands for years and, from experience, when kids start going off, it gives the band more energy when they play. When the band and the crowd feed off each other, it makes for an amazing show for all parties.

Now, I'm sure there will be people who are going to be on the defensive side here but don’t you know what style of music you've come to watch?

I understand it's not everyone's thing and that's 100 per cent understandable. I'm not always in the mood myself, however, don't judge or talk down to the people who do want to enjoy the show that way. The room is big enough for everyone and, if you don't like it, stand at the back of the room.

If you are one of the few who like to slam the crowd up a bit, make sure to have fun but also there is a sense of caution to be had.

The point is this: the shows have become somewhat dull and boring and there’s been a lack of people coming out. We need to bring back the passion behind why we all loved this music in the first place: it's fast paced and aggressive. It lets us show that by "pitting it up". And there is plenty of opportunity to get out and show our local punk shows some support.

For those who don't really enjoy it, that's totally cool, but this is a call for those closet dancers out there, let's make an effort to tear it up at some upcoming shows and make Calgary exciting again.

Calgary Punk Shows' Band of the Month: No Coast Hardcore

No Coast Hardcore was a street punk band from Calgary and was active from 2000 to 2004.

Known for their chaotic live shows and raucous sing-alongs, they were a mainstay in the Calgary scene. Members moved onto projects such as The Tartan Hearts, Streetlight Saints, White Wires, Cryptomaniacs, Spastic Panthers and The Bloody Hells.

No Coast Hardcore will be reuniting for a show at the Nite Owl on Saturday, September 12 with The Boarderguards, Motherfuckers and The Foul English.