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Interview: Against Me!

Through thick and thin, through line-up changes and Rolling Stone coming out stories, one thing has remained consistent throughout Against Me!'s 20-year long career - honest, insightful, fist-pumping punk rock music. Against Me! are hitting the road tomorrow, embarking on a month and a half long tour in support of their latest album, Shape Shift With Me. I caught up with bassist Inge Johannson (pictured above, middle left) about what he's looking forward to on the tour, as well as recording the record and Against Me!'s loyal fanbase.

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2015: Looking Back

2015 was a weird year. New Year’s has this way of making you (I’m saying “you” but I’m really speaking for myself here, hoping that you, the reader, can relate) feel like you’ve accomplished nothing, but then you look back and remember that it’s been a whole 365 days. A lot of the hype is that you’ll make resolutions that you’ll follow for maybe the first month, and that this year will be better than the last. While that can be true, something I learned in 2015 is that nothing is always good, all the time. In a whole year, you might have around 30 days that are standout, out of this world and that are deemed the “best day of your life.” You might have the same amount of days that totally suck. So that means, a majority of your days are just... Average. Not bad, but not extraordinary...

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Albums of 2014: Mary McComish

This week we’re posting the duo behind Under The Rockies’ (Joshua Platt and Mary McComish) favourite five albums of 2014. Yesterday we posted Joshua's, today we have Mary McComish’s.

Here at Under The Rockies, Mary McComish is the journalist behind the interviews and she’s the writer for most of the posts on the site (she might even be writing this one). These are her top five albums of 2014.

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