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Looking Back: American Idiot

It’s September 20 and a decade ago today Green Day released their seventh album, American Idiot. Today, this record still stands as one of the most influential releases of the band, as well as of punk rock.

American Idiot is one of those albums that I don’t frequently listen to from start to finish, despite it being an album that, to truly enjoy and relish in it, one really should listen to the entire thing. Ten years ago today, I was seven years old. I wish I could say that I was one of those kids who’s parents didn’t care what music they listened to at that age, but that would be a lie. Despite being so young, this record shaped me in the years to come. There’s thousands of reviews, and thousands of opinions of this record. I’m not going to pick it apart, or go into extreme details because otherwise, it’d probably take me until the record turns twenty to hash out every bit of emotional attachment I have to each track. So, instead, I’m going to just appreciate this album as I did 10 years ago, and still do to this day.

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