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10 Years Later: Infinity on High

“Welcome, it’s here,” is one of the first lines spoken on Fall Out Boy’s third studio album. Not by Patrick Stump, or any member of the band for that matter, but it’s a line spoken by none other than Jay-Z. Infinity on High marked the beginning of Fall Out Boy’s expansion from the safety net of pop punk, into a more unrestricted genre and playing field. While this record, alongside all their others, still maintains elements of what makes Fall Out Boy distinct, it was a brash follow up to 2005’s From Under The Cork Tree, and would be the milestone album which influenced the band to creatively push themselves into making records entirely different from one another.

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2015: Looking Back

2015 was a weird year. New Year’s has this way of making you (I’m saying “you” but I’m really speaking for myself here, hoping that you, the reader, can relate) feel like you’ve accomplished nothing, but then you look back and remember that it’s been a whole 365 days. A lot of the hype is that you’ll make resolutions that you’ll follow for maybe the first month, and that this year will be better than the last. While that can be true, something I learned in 2015 is that nothing is always good, all the time. In a whole year, you might have around 30 days that are standout, out of this world and that are deemed the “best day of your life.” You might have the same amount of days that totally suck. So that means, a majority of your days are just... Average. Not bad, but not extraordinary...

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Looking Back: From Under The Cork Tree

10 years ago today, Fall Out Boy released their sophomore album, From Under The Cork Tree. Yes, you read that right. It’s been 10 years since Fall Out Boy released one of the most influential albums of the mid-2000s. Head below to read more.

Asking me to choose my favourite Fall Out Boy album is like asking me to pick my favourite child. I can’t do it. I can try, but I usually find myself completely torn and in tears over it. Maybe I’m being dramatic, but all of Fall Out Boy’s albums mean something to me. If it weren’t for From Under The Cork Tree, I would have no idea who Fall Out Boy are.

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