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Calgary Punk Shows: All ages shows in Calgary?

Well let’s face it, this was coming! The all-ages scene in Calgary is probably the worst I've seen. At this point, there are three options for underage kids and underage bands in Calgary. Tubby Dog, which is a very hard venue to get in on and I understand why, with all the high demand. The National Music Centre, which shows are very few and far between. Or these kids book their own shows at a community centre. Not good enough! We need an easy access place where kids can get booked easily and where kids can go see a show without question. The New Black Centre For Music & Art was an exception and was perfect for that. However, I understand that having an all-ages venue is almost certain death financially (alcohol sales are zero), so all you’re relying on is the door money, which doesn't always pay well. Our all-ages scene is crap and we have to build it from the ground up again. So, I propose this idea.

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