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Interview: PVRIS

All we knew of PVRIS a few years ago was that they were fresh off a stellar debut release and a three-piece band that was certainly one to watch. Now, PVRIS is an extremely successful alternative band, with a uniqueness to their music that’s lead them to tours with Fall Out Boy, and even taken them as far Coachella. Their most recent release, All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell, is an indie-rock blend of laid-back sounds to in your face instrumentals, existing in perfect harmony, sounding like no other band out there right now, which is exactly what is needed in today’s market. I had the pleasure of speaking to Brian MacDonald [bass, pictured above, left] prior to the start of their headlining tour about PVRIS’ experiences over the last few years, how it’s shaped their songwriting and the contrast of blending the visual appeal of music videos to match the content of their message. 

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Albums of 2014: Mary McComish

This week we’re posting the duo behind Under The Rockies’ (Joshua Platt and Mary McComish) favourite five albums of 2014. Yesterday we posted Joshua's, today we have Mary McComish’s.

Here at Under The Rockies, Mary McComish is the journalist behind the interviews and she’s the writer for most of the posts on the site (she might even be writing this one). These are her top five albums of 2014.

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