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Interview: Simple Plan

The 2016 Calgary Stampede seemed to be doomed with stormy weather, but iconic Canadian pop punk band Simple Plan had no problem singin' in the rain. Under The Rockies sat down with guitarist Sebastien Lefebrve and drummer Chuck Comeau to talk about touring, their new album, and what it was like to work with David Hasselhoff.

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The 2016 Calgary Stampede: A Look Back

Nothing in life is a guarantee. For me, I hold three things as a guarantee, and that’s birthdays, Christmas, and, well, the Calgary Stampede. Because every year, no matter the circumstance, they come around. Walking into the Stampede grounds each year as a born and raised Calgarian has an element of surreal-ness to it. Almost as if each year goes by faster than the last, or that I never really left. The Stampede somehow never loses it’s magic, but I think a lot of that is attributed by the now trendy aesthetic of carnival settings at night. Still, growing up, and even now, I’ve spent so many nights there that I wish would never end.

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