Review: A Taller Us

On up-and-coming Montreal based act FOXTROTT’s new album A Taller Us, not every one of the songs was a favourite of mine. The supporting rhythms and effects did not always impress but one thing is certain, lead singer, Marie-Helene Delorme, has incredible talent. Strong yet subtle when needed, her voice supports the album in a way that wouldn’t quite work had a different person been in her shoes. The vocals are the perfect counter balance between the harsh loops and the funky keyboards and synthesizers, which compose the majority of A Taller Us. Muddled and suppressed at times, while being sharp and abrupt at others, Delorme’s smooth voice remains the relaxing constant. A Taller Us will delight any electro dancehall enthusiast with its hip-hop themes and emotionally raw vocal deliveries. 
Many of FOXTROTT’s new songs would work perfectly in hip-hop choreography. Tracks such as “Shaky Hands” provide abundant opportunities for physical motion, which makes it difficult to resist the urge to bounce your body along with the beat. With its fair share of darker songs, A Taller Us also supplies upbeat, head bobbing tunes that provide a sense of relief from its heavier tracks. The general bass lines are not that complicated but, honestly, I would have been surprised if they were. The vast majority of techno-pop songs are simple but that’s what makes them catchy. A Taller Us has many catchy songs that are still highly original. A challenging task to accomplish, simplistic originality, yet FOXTROTT has seemingly done the impossible by doing just that. 
Filled with radio-worthy songs and tracks that make you want to try dancing cool, A Taller Us is an album that should be recognized. It’s about time for a new female voice on the radio. Hard to exactly pinpoint a comparison, if you have never heard of FOXTROTT before, they sound similar to Dear Rouge with Beyoncé-like vocals. Worth checking out if you’re looking for new music, FOXTROTT’s A Taller Us  is a safe bet and, even if you don’t like all of the songs, Delorme’s voice will surely make up for it.