Review: Cleopatra

It has been four years since The Lumineers released their debut album. Their self-titled record captured the hearts of indie and folk lovers everywhere within its first few bars. Carrying the runaway hit “Ho Hey”, along with other fan favorites such as “Dead Sea” and “Stubborn Love”, the group left excellent first impressions on the indie/folk community. After the album was dropped, fans were left waiting in four long years of silence, deprived of even the slightest taste of a follow up track. Now that their latest album Cleopatra has been released, it is clear that the wait was well worth it. The acoustic trio has produced another album of soulful storytelling, and simplistic melodies. By releasing Cleopatra, The Lumineers have proved that when it comes to music, they prioritize quality over quantity. 

The three-piece ensemble obviously does not produce an overwhelmingly large and full sound but that doesn’t mean it’s empty. The group maximizes the potential of their music by accompanying the vocals with harmonizing piano licks, the gentle roll of strumming guitars and a warm rhythm section. Although the musical structure of Cleopatra isn’t groundbreaking, it carries elegance because of its simplicity. Cleopatra refrains from forcing a lone emotion onto the audience throughout its runtime. Instead, it allows the audience a realm of musical interpretation. Some may listen to Cleopatra and be inspired, while others may use it as a way to reflect on past experiences, and missed opportunities. Cleopatra has the potential to move its listeners to tears because of its beauty, while others will just fall asleep due to its calming nature.

Of course not all songs are as peaceful as the rest. While the albums inevitable hit “Ophelia” will not promote slumber, it does reflect the rest of the albums qualities. Its strong and impactful chords are matched with that of sweet harmonic melodies. The lovesick lyrics and playful progressions of “Ophelia” will remind past listeners of the wonderful music The Lumineers produce. Cleopatra is not full of chart topping songs, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be a chart topping record. The albums consistently intimate lyrics and comforting style will wrap its listeners in a blanket of love, exploration and blissful yearning. 

Cleopatra is the second stellar album to be produced by The Lumineers. Every song in Cleopatra tells a story, and every one leaves its audience with a deep sense of satisfaction. This album surpassed all expectations, and its simplistic creativity humbly impressed. Soothing at times and uplifting at others, Cleopatra is a joy to experience. Hopefully listeners won’t have to wait another four years before receiving another album from The Lumineers, but if it’s as good as Cleopatra , they will gladly wait.