Review: Future Nostalgia

The Sheepdogs latest album Future Nostalgia has left me at a loss for words, although I will do my best to deliver the praise it deserves. My previous experiences with The Sheepdogs’ music have been very minimal. Songs such as “Feeling Good” and “I Don’t Know” were the only ones performed by them I knew of. It only took one listening of Future Nostalgia for me to realize that I had been missing out from something great. The southern influence is heavily represented in all of the songs on the album, which is expected from the group. With perfectly placed guitar riffs and radically refreshing blues licks on the piano, Future Nostalgia brings excellent southern blues tracks that never let up. 

In Future Nostalgia, the significant southern rock vibe is similar to the result of a jam session between The Black Keys and Creedence Clearwater Revival. Pure blues rock magic, in other words. It would be useless to give a list of my predictions for its sure to be chart topping singles, because every song stands out beautifully while perfectly blending in with the other gems surrounding it. Songs such as “Gonna be Myself”, “Downtown”, “Back Down” and “The Bridge City Turnaround” are some of the faster paced selections of the album. It is hard not to be left smiling after listening to those tracks that are stuffed to the max with funky grooves and rocking rhythms. The slower paced tracks are also a major delight to enjoy as well.  Personally, “Giving It Up (For My Baby)”, “Jim Gordon” and “Where I Can Roam” were stuck in my head all week, without any complaints on my behalf. 

One of the major components of Future Nostalgic that seriously impressed me was how much fun the band had while performing. I have no information on what the recording conditions were like, but it is hard for me to listen to Future Nostalgia without seeing a band that is legitimately having fun playing their music. There are multiple songs that are just the band jamming out, having fun. That is the best way to play music, in my opinion. Not because the music will bring in the next paycheque or help book a bigger venue, but because, in the moment, it feels right and sounds good. Being a piano player, I wouldn’t forgive myself without making a shoutout to my favourite song on the album, “Same Old Feeling”. For any young musician who wants to know what good blues piano that isn’t decades old sounds like, listen to that song. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. 

If you haven’t noticed it yet, I HIGHLY recommend listening to Future Nostalgia. Not only has it skyrocketed The Sheepdogs into the list of my favourite artists, but it also may possibly be my favourite album of the year. At least, it’s my favourite album so far. In conclusion, The Sheepdogs’ Future Nostalgia is the perfect album for fishing, jamming, driving and cooking food, no matter what the occasion.