Review: If I Should Go Before You

Dallas Green’s latest album is not one to disappoint. Starting off slow and mysterious, If I Should Go Before You blossoms into the gentle coffee house music we have come to love and expect from City and Colour. Supported by upbeat catchy songs such as “Wasted Love” which is sure to be a chart topper, If I Should Go Before You also brings tracks that embrace the audience and gently lower them into total relaxation. Fortunately, many tunes from the 11-track album contain both of these qualities. It is an excellent album for people who are just beginning to listen to City and Colour and the perfect present for those who have been fans for a while. 

Try not to be intimidated by the nine minute long introduction track, “Woman”. A slow jamming track with a slight hypnotic element that, upon first listening, seems completely out of place and provides a false sense of what the album will be. After numerous listenings, though, it becomes a head-bobbing tune you can’t help but love. The rest of the album is quite a different story despite its epic introduction. Nearly every song on the album is better than the one preceding it. Whether it was quiet and sentimental or energetic, I was continuously impressed by the quality of the songs. For me, this was a very fun experience since I tend to have a preference for music that’s faster, heavier and more energetic than typical City and Colour. That isn’t saying I don’t like light, indie music, I just prefer the rock portion of alternative rock. If I Should Go Before You flows effortlessly from fast to slow, and mellow to feel-good. This didn’t bother me at all because the entire time I was transfixed by his voice, hungry for whatever was next. 

Although many of the songs are radio friendly, (not because the others are explicit, but because mellow vibes are not favoured by the majority) they do not take away from the record by any means. Every song is entertaining in its own way. Perfect for mellow parties, lonely bus rides and, of course, coffee shops. If I Should Go Before You is an album that deserves attention once it debuts.