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Review: Blurryface

Whether you’ve been a fan of Twenty One Pilots since before Vessel, or even before their self released Regional At Best, welcome to the Blurryface era. I have not been so excited for an album, specifically a concept album, since I was probably 14. The idea of a concept album, or rather, declaring an album to be a concept album, is a bit frightening, and seems like a huge burden to place upon any album. I don’t prefer labeling albums this way as I feel like it might distract from the interpretation, or cheapen the music by making it seem artificial. However, Twenty One Pilots have released the perfectly imperfect album. Through promotion and the four music videos that Twenty One Pilots have released, it’s evident that Blurryface is the most relate-able conceptual albums in it’s simplicity: we all have Blurryface inside of us, representing our fears and our demons.

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