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Review: Commontime

Field Music’s Commontime is not another typical indie album. While it does have higher toned vocals and a production value lower than a Billboard chart topper, that’s where the similarities with other typical albums end. Commontime is not an album of a just a man and his guitar, nor is it one that layers every instrument known to man into its songs to distract from their mediocrity. Field Music’s unique album tries its hand at a variety of styles and techniques, and then adds a twist of its own to make it fresh. The strong and erratic drumming in Commontime carries the album to its success. Powerful and creative, the albums funky rhythms are never quite in your face, but they make their presence known just the same. The other critical component of the album that makes Commontime work is its vocals. The faintly restrained vocals set the tone of each song perfectly. Commontime is an enjoyable album with ecstatic rhythms and styles that never disappoint

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