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Review: Lovely Little Lonely

A band like The Maine just can’t be reviewed. Many people who read Under The Rockies are probably familiar with the fact that The Maine are one of my favourite bands. When the band released “American Candy” in 2015, I found myself listening to the record as a critic, and not as a fan, which is why this website began in the first place. Amidst that mistake, I learned my lesson, and I’ve now returned to listening to music in the same way that I did when I was younger, as a fan and not a critic.

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Review: American Candy

The Maine are one of those bands that I just can’t classify genre wise, however, they’re also one of those bands that I don’t understand why haven’t broken into mainstream music. I would love to see them do so, but they feel like a well kept secret that I can’t keep for too much longer. American Candy just might be the album that helps The Maine breakthrough any surrounding stereotypes and launch them into a new realm of music. One thing is clear: they aren’t that Warped Tour band with the badly straightened hair and one widely recognized song (“Into Your Arms”) anymore. They haven’t been that for a long time, but people may finally start to recognize this now.

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