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Review: Arts & Leisure

Walter Martin’s Arts & Leisure is his second solo album released after The Walkmen announced a hiatus in 2013. Capturing a much softer and more comfortable sound than those produced by The Walkmen, Arts & Leisure is a delightful album for any quiet occasion. The albums simple acoustic strumming is complimented by his adorable vocals and heart melting lyrics. The way Walter sings about his childhood stories and adventures wraps the audience in a warm blanket of calmness and youthful nostalgia. A pleasantly played guitar humbly rests in the background of every song in Arts & Leisure. Lost beneath a variety of instruments at times, and being the lone sound at others, the acoustic guitar never leaves the recording studio once throughout the entire album. Another constant component of Arts & Leisure is Walter Martin’s unique voice. Not quite a warble, but pleasant all the same, Walter’s voice adds the perfect amount of youth and experience to the album that wouldn’t quite work the same way if it was released by anyone else. Arts & Leisure covers aspects of youth, imagination, growing up and self-discovery while setting a tone of positivity that can easily be enjoyed over and over again.

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