Review: The Gates

The Gates is the latest album from indie pop group Young Empires. Full of catchy synthesized beats and simple lyrics, The Gates is a groovy summer album released in the fall. I can easily see many of the songs from The Gates being played on dance playlists across the city. For those who are looking for brand new acoustic music from a talented street rat, this is not the album for you. If funky alternative pop is more of your cup of tea, The Gates is the album you’ve been looking for. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if Young Empires dived into the mainstream in the near future. Despite being melodramatic the majority of the time, many of the songs hold the simple, undeniably successful fundamentals for a chart topper. The Gates consistently produces a catchy beat, interesting voice, simple lyrics and plenty of time to sing along. In other words, if enough people pay attention to them, they have the potential to become very big relatively soon. 

The Gates is a fun album to listen to. It seemed as if every situation I listened to the album, it was a perfect fit. There is a certain aspect of it that was hard to place. As I previously mentioned, The Gates is full of upbeat dance music. That being said, it impressed me in quieter scenarios with its slight restrained tone. Similar to Foster The People, Young Empires’ music can be sung aloud at the top of your lungs or can be a quiet hum in the back of your head while focusing. 

Hopefully The Gates will give Young Empires the push they need in order to be a household name. Whether it will or not, I guess we will have to wait and see. Until then, however, take the small risk by giving The Gates a shot. Maybe it will help those who don’t know what side of the rivalry of techno vs. rock they’re on. Better yet, it may help broaden the horizons of those who are ignorant to the potential of the broad term “Alternative Rock”.