Review: Side Pony

After listening to the first few bars of Side Pony’s opening track “God-awful Things”, it is incredibly difficult not to be hooked onto Lake Street Dive. The full sound flows with a positively energetic aura throughout the song. Rachael Price’s smooth and powerful voice empowers the audience, while drummer Mike Calabrese relentlessly pounds away and provides an exciting rhythm in the process. Side Pony was a wonderful experience to start the New Year with. It beautifully blends aspects of gospel rock, blues-rock and funk. Filled to the brim with blaring horns, animalistic drums, groovy organs and blazing bass lines, Lake Street Dive’s Side Pony is Under The Rockies' first “Must Buy” of 2016.

Side Pony plays around with a variety of different genres, gospel rock, blues-rock, funk and, at times, the three of them combined. Lake Street Dive found an excellent balance between the styles and created an album with tracks that belong in both The House Of Blues and in a ‘70’s disco. It is clearly evident that the band enjoys playing together. Their energy and passion behind the notes and lyrics are delivered straight from the heart. The members never try to out-play each other, instead they use their instruments to compliment one another, regardless of a slower tempo or a faster paced jam session.

As mentioned earlier, Side Pony has a very full sound. For those who strictly pursue solo acoustic acts, Lake Street Dive is not the band for you. The music off of Side Pony blends certain techniques and styles into a layered sound that both entertained and impressed me. These musicians spend the majority of the album enjoying themselves by experimenting with different progressions and rhythms within the songs. Side Pony is one of those albums that will put a smile on your face, because you just know every member of the group has one on theirs.

 Simply put, Side Pony consists of good music. With songs such as the title track “Side Pony” or “Hell Yeah” putting a spring into your step, Side Pony consistently carries an air of positivity, regardless of the tempo or level of simplicity in its songs. 

With head bobbing tunes and funk filled vibes, Side Pony is an album to keep your eye out for. Lake Street Dive is tight with every chord and in synch with every beat in their latest album. If my attitude towards the album hasn't been obvious enough, I extremely enjoyed the powerful vocals and dance hall melodies that Side Pony had to offer. Perfect for a fresh new playlist or a disco-tech dance floor, Lake Street Dive’s Side Pony is an album that is sure to entertain its listeners.